Wednesday, August 18 at 9 p.m. at the 14th Street Y Theater, 344 East 14th St. between First and Second Aves. Tickets: $10 (purchase at the door or call 212-780-0800 ext. 221)

The Big Apple's juiciest Jewesses strut their ample tuchuses in a bawdy burlesque revue for folks who like to keep their fantasies kosher. Downtown diva and Heeb associate editor Raven Snook presides over the festivities, which include titillating stripteases and sketches by the curvaceous Dottie Lux (co-founder of Red Hots Burlesque), the irreverent Little Brooklyn (co-enabler of Starshine Burlesque), sassy Darlinda (of Darlinda's Polyester Players), bawdy broad Allison Tilsen, the very nubile Old Ma Femme, and almost wholesome Minni Tonka. These aren't the girls you'd bring home to mother, although you'd definitely bring them home.


Raven Snook, Little Brooklyn, Dottie Lux, Allison Tilsen, Old Ma Femme, Darlinda Just Darlina, and Minni Tonka.